10 Postcards from the East of the Algarve

April 15, 2021

Portugal´s South coast is a paradise of green waters, magnificent beaches and what seems like an endless supply of delicious sea food. The Algarve is a mere two and a half hours away from Lisbon, so lots of Portuguese vacation there at least once every summer. I, myself, albeit not Portuguese (yet), love driving down there and exploring all the different nooks and crannies of this wonderful coast line. This time, we stayed in the town of Luz de Tavira, and explored the East side of the Algarve. And while I won´t be writing much in this post, I´d like to share ten pictures from my camera, that I think could be actual postcards – four from the charming town of Vila Real de Santo António – the last town before reaching Spain, and six from the village of Cacela Velha, a nearby white village overlooking a most charming lagoon and beach.

I don´t have enough material for a full Algarve series, but later this month I´ll publish another post on the island of Tavira, my favourite place on the South coast. I hope you enjoy these travel posts as much as I enjoyed documenting them! And remember – only travel if it´s safe for you and those around you!

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