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The Emotional Journey of Adopting an Older Dog

October 14, 2019

I first saw a picture of Tomé almost a year ago, on October 28th 2018. It was on one of my favourite Instagram pages @homeforpaws_pt. Homeforpaws promotes shelter dogs by taking awesome pictures of them, highlighting their quirky and weird personalities. Tomé was the second dog they had photographed and I fell in love with his story immediately: he lived his entire life, 12 years of it at that stage, in a shelter, never having been adopted. I knew then and there, we were supposed to be a family. But then came the doubts. Our one bedroom apartment was small as it was. And we already had Yoshi. Where would another dog fit? What if he didn´t get along with Yoshi? And most importantly: were we ready to lose him since he probably only had a couple more years to live at most?

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