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Mom´s Magic Polenta

October 26, 2020

Took me long enough, but this month´s #guestchefseries comes from my one and only mom. I´ve been waiting to post my mom´s magic polenta recipe for over a month now. During my trip to Romania last month I asked her to make it several times and thereby fell in love all over again with this dish that so thoroughly influenced my childhood. If you didn´t know that already, polenta is an instrumental part of our culture as Romanian. It´s a humble, yet versatile dish , that despite its simplicity not many youngsters dare to make. And so I thought I´d share my mom´s recipe of what we in my family call “gâscã” or “goose” – polenta with sour cream and cheese. Easy as a #homemadeMonday morning. Note: my mom likes to make it extra creamy so it looks almost like a soup. I personally think that´s one of her secrets. Bonus: pictures of Didi, our basset hound eyeing the deliciousness.

(serves four)

250g yellow maize flour
1l water
300g sour cream
200g soft cheese


1. Heat up the water along with a teaspoon of salt, but don´t bring to a boil just yet.

2. Gradually add the maize flour, while stirring continuously.

3. Once the whole maize flour is incorporated and the water has completely dropped, remove from the stove.

4. Smear a deep pan with butter and add about half of the polenta to it.

5. Add half of the crumbled or sliced cheese and then half of the sour cream on top.

6. Add another layer of polenta and finally another layer of cheese and sour cream.

7. Cover with a lid and put it back on the fire for another 10 minutes, stirring every now and then.

8. Serve as is, or with some fried sausage next to it.

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