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Shaved Zucchini with Feta, Walnuts and Honey

June 7, 2021

This #homemadeMonday called for a light dish – not because of any efforts towards a summer body (all bodies are summer bodies) but because it´s Sangria season and that to me means light dishes and heavy Sangria jars. And since the farmers´ market I go to on Saturdays has been displaying an exquisite selection of zucchinis for the past few days, I thought of giving the raw zucchini a chance. Mind you, I´ve only ever tasted cooked zucchini before, but was pleasantly surprised by how the raw version tasted. I inspired myself from this recipe – changing some things like replacing the goat cheese for feta cheese, the pine nuts for walnuts, choosing amaranth microgreens for an even nutty-er flavour and coating it all with honey instead of lemon juice. Read on for my recipe, or check the one I linked.

(serves two)

one big zucchini
100g feta cheese
a handful of semi-crushed walnuts
a bunch of microgreens for decoration and vitamins
a tsp salt
a tsp pepper
a tbsp honey
a tbsp olive oil


1. Shave the zucchini into fine (and as much as possible equally thin) slices with a vegetable peeler.

2. In a bowl, salt and pepper the zucchini sheets and season with the tablespoon of olive oil. Toss lightly as to not ruin the sheets, you´re going to want this lunch to look gor-ge-ous.

3. Place the zucchini sheets on two flat plates and crumble the feta and walnuts on top of them.

4. Finally, season with the honey and add the microgreens on top. Note: I chose amaranth because of its nutty, earthy flavour, which i felt enhanced the zucchini sheets, but you can use any microgreens you wish, or skip this element altogether.

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