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Summer Salad with Quinoa, Radishes, Cucumber and Feta

June 14, 2021

For someone who doesn´t like quinoa, I sure am persistent in trying to find combinations that will work with it. That´s how this #homemadeMonday edition came about. Me, myself and I, strolling around the farmers´ market in the search for veggies that would work well with this earthy seed. I came up with radishes (oddly enough, one of my least favourite veggies), cucumber and of course – feta cheese. What resulted is a fresh summer salad, with earthy tones, that makes for a great light, yet rich in vitamins lunch or dinner. Read on for the recipe.

(serves two)

150g dry quinoa seeds
one cucumber
five medium radishes
100g feta cheese
a tbsp microgreens
a tbsp olive oil
a pinch of salt and pepper


1. Cook the quinoa according to instructions – the quinoa:water ratio should be 1:2. Once cooked, let drain and set aside while you´re preparing the veggies.

2. Slice the cucumber and radishes and cut the feta cheese into small cubes.

3. Combine the quinoa with the veggies and feta cheese, season with the olive oil, salt and pepper, and decorate with microgreens before serving it.

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