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Creamy Curry Risotto with Chicken and Apples

September 27, 2021

In our house I am a self proclaimed master of weird, yet always yummy risottos. The first one I´ve ever done was a green risotto with mashed avocado and smoked salmon and it absolutely killed. Next I ventured into more simple mushrooms risottos, then went exotic for a colourful risotto with octopus, and as the cold season came my mother in law taught me how to do a pumpkin risotto, and one of my favourite Italian restaurants near my house inspired me to make a drunken pear risotto, which is a fantastic Christmas meal idea! As for this #homemadeMonday, I thought of showing you all how to make a curry risotto with chicken breast, apples and walnuts. It´ll warm your rainy autumn days right up, trust me.

(serves four)

200g risotto rice
400g chicken breast cut in little cubes
one onion
two apples
250g walnuts
a tbsp butter
100ml white wine
2 Knorr cubes
50g curry paste
1l boiling water


1. Chop the onion finely and add it to a bigger pot along with two tbsp of olive oil. Fry until slightly golden, then add the rice and fry for two minutes, mixing continuously.

2. Add the white wine to the rice, stirring as it evaporates – this should take some two minutes tops.

3. Add enough of the boiling water to cover the rice, and then the Knorr cubes and stir as the water evaporates.

4. Keep doing the same thing with the remainder of the water, and as you add the last bit, add the butter, stirring to homogenise it and finally add the curry paste too.

5. While this whole matter unfolds you´ll want to blend the walnuts into an almost powder, and fry the chicken cubes into a tablespoon of olive oil until slightly golden.

6. Once the risotto has absorbed almost all the liquid (it needs to still be plenty creamy), add the blended walnuts, fried chicken cubes and finally the apples cut in cubes, mix and serve with a couple more apple slices for decoration.

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