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Rainbow Salad with Mango and Blackberries

November 9, 2020

I should perhaps start this #homemadeMonday recipe with a confession: I am one of those insane people that likes pineapple on my pizza. I mean, I don´t love it, but I don´t mind it either. What I do love though, is fruit in my salad. And while I rarely post salad articles on the blog, when I made this salad, I felt I really wanted to share it with you all. A little bit of unsolicited context for when I first made this salad: I was reading Marissa Peer´s book Perfect Weight Forever, and was working on bettering my food habits by not associating heavy comfort food with feeling better when I was down. I instead decided to stick to eating well and healthy when I was feeling sad and not try to fix these moments with fast food. So I made this salad and it was so delicious that I swore never again to order a way too greasy cheeseburger to stop me from crying. Here´s the super simple recipe:

(serves one)

50g blackberries
1/4 of a mango
50g cherry tomatoes
some salad leaves
a tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
walnuts (optional)


1. Wash your salad, halve the tomatoes and cut the mango in small bite-sized pieces.

2. Mix them all along with the blackberries.

3. Season with the olive oil, salt and pepper and decorate with the walnuts.

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