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Our Special Mussel Recipe

April 12, 2021

I´ve been thinking long and hard about what to call this recipe. You see, originally we started cooking mussels a la Vila Franca do Campo – aka the Açorean way. But as time went by, we kept tweaking the recipe and the current state of it is a bit far from its origins in method, albeit just as, or dare I say even more? – delicious. So I´m gonna call it “our special mussel recipe”, and proceed to sharing our secrets for this #homemadeMonday on what has become after your votes – #seafoodapril.

(appetiser for two)

300g frozen mussels
six garlic cloves
three tablespoons tomato paste
two tablespoons red pepper paste
80g butter
parsley to decorate
(coriander or dill also work)


1. Defrost the mussels.

2. Chop the garlic and fry it in a pan, along with the melted butter for about two minutes.

3. Add the mussels to the pan and fry at medium heat for another two minutes.

4. Add the tomato and red pepper sauce to the mussels, mix well and fry for another three minutes.

5. Season with some parsley, or any other fresh herbs and eat directly out of the pan along with a glass of white wine.

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