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Shrimp on a Bed of Salt – Simple as That

September 8, 2021

This week´s recipe is not much of a recipe to be honest, but I did feel the need to record it here on my blog, just like I would in a physical recipe book. I stole the idea of this shrimp on a bed of sea salt from one of our gourmet dinners in Mallorca, at the Belmond La Residencia hotel. This was one of the nine courses we had there and its utter simplicity and amazing taste made us want to redo it at home. So we bought ourselves the two ingredients – shrimp and sea salt, and a little wooden tray that would resist maximum temperature in the oven, and we got to cooking. It took less time to cook it than it did to write this intro. You absolutely have to try it!

(serves two as a starter)

500g unpeeled shrimp
500g thick salt


1. Peel and devein the shrimp while you´re pre-heating the oven at 250 degrees. Wash it.

2. In an oven safe tray, spread out the salt (depending on the size of the tray, you might need more or less salt – the idea is for the layer to be about one finger thick).

3. Lay out the shrimp on the salt, belly down, and slightly distanced from each other so they don´t stick and prevent from cooking.

4. Cook at 250 degrees for 3 minutes. Note: if your tray is small and the shrimps are arranged tightly together you might need to move them around a bit or cook them for up to 5 minutes.

5. That´s all. Magic, I know! Enjoy with a salad or stand-alone as an appetiser.

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