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Apricot Jam and Cream Cheese Cake

October 11, 2021

When you´re not great at baking, you gotta get creative. So you grab a jam (I chose apricot) from the adorable care package @dealurileUilei sent you, find yourself the easiest cake base recipe (inspired by Anca Cheregi´s cheesecake) and you end up with an apricot jam and cream cheese cake ready in no time, and devoured in even less time (what´s less than no time?). Curious? Keep reading this week´s #homemadeMonday.


200g Philadelphia cheese
200g cream
110g honey
200g apricot jam
260g digestive cookies
80g melted butter
an apricot or half a nectarine or peach (for decoration)


1. Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees while you´re blending the digestive cookies and mixing them with the melted (!) butter and 30g of the honey until they are completely homogeneous.

2. Butter a tart tray and then press the digestive cookie mix firmly and evenly into it, so that you have a solid base for your cake.

3. Bake for 15 minutes and let cool completely.

4. While the base is cooking, prepare the cream by beating the cream first, then adding the Philadelphia cheese and beating some more and finally adding the remainder of the honey (80g of it). Let the cream cool in the fridge for about an hour.

5. Once the base of the cake is cool and the cream has sat in the fridge for the full hour, add half of the cream on top of the base, spreading evenly, and then the apricot jam on top. Finally, add the remaining half of the cream on top of the jam layer, mixing slightly as to give the cream the apricot colouring.

6. Decorate with apricot or nectarine slices and edible flowers.

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