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Hummus Toast with Three Toppings

July 6, 2020

Hummus is one of those magical dishes that I crave regularly and always make enough of so I can eat it for days. I can´t quite remember who taught me how to make it but i remember when I first made it for my parents. My mom was quite a fan already, but my dad was shocked at how delicious it was. He immediately asked my mom why she doesn´t make such dishes. My mom rolled her eyes as hard as she could while saying “I make it regularly and you always say you don´t want to try it.”

And since by itself it might seem too bland for some of you, this #homemadeMonday I made hummus toast with three easy toppings. To spice up your life.


500g canned chickpeas
two tbsp of tahini
one tbsp of olive oil
multi grain bread
2/3 dried tomatoes in olive oil
1/4 of a cucumber
2/3 mushrooms
half a tsp of parsley
half a tsp of pine seeds
a couple of walnuts
salt, pepper and za´atar to taste


1. Add the chickpeas to a blender and blend until they´re a homogenuous mix.

2. Add the tahini paste and keep blending. Gradually add the olive oil until reaching the desired consistency. I prefer it creamy, but not too liquid.

3. Add salt and pepper while you keep tasting.

4. In a pan, heat half a spoon of olive oil and add the mushrooms with the parsley. Fry for three minutes while you´re chopping the cucumber and dried tomato in small pieces.

5. Toast the bread. Spread the hummus thickly on the bread and add the ingredients: cucumber, pine seeds and za´atar on the first one, mushrooms on the second and dried tomato and walnuts on the third.

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