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Nonna´s Secret Beetroot Starter

July 27, 2020

For Choice of Magic´s second chef series edition, I´m bringing you someone really special. Nonna has been my foster grandma for over two years and she is the single most remarkable woman I´ve ever met. Thins tiny 96 year old fairy grandmother lives in a castle, speaks six languages, has been a WWII spy and is one of my best friends. Every Sunday morning for the past two years Nonna and I have sat down in her room or her garden, having tea and speaking about everything. She´s taught me Renaissance art, I´ve taught her about escape rooms, and we have never run out of subjects. Recently I asked her about the dinner parties she used to throw in her youth (nowadays it´s mostly lunch parties) and I tried to imagine what they would look like in that palace. That´s when she gave me her secret beetroot starter recipe. It´s as simple as it gets, and yet I couldn´t find anything similar to it on the whole wide web. With her permission, I decided to share it with you for this #homemadeMonday.

(serves six)

one beetroot (either fresh or already cooked)
a tbsp of chives
100g fresh goat cheese
a tsp olive oil
salt and pepper


1. Should your beetroot be fresh, boil it (without peeling it – to maintain its colour) for 45 minutes. Use this time and chop your chives finely.

2. Once it´s boiled. drain the water and peel the beetroot while it´s hot. Let rest until cold.

3. Blend into an almost paste, making sure it´s not too liquid. Add the olive oil, salt and pepper whilst blending.

4. Poor into shot glasses (I used champagne glasses because I had no shot ones in the house). Crumble the goat cheese on top, finally sprinkling the chives over it, such as to create three layers. (I couldn´t find chives so they´re not pictured here).

5. Serve with tea spoons for your guests to eat it more easily.

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