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Oreo, Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Tart

November 30, 2020

For someone that doesn´t bake, or prepare many sweets herself, it might seem like I chose a quite complicate one this time. The word ganache alone makes it sound like I´m aspiring to be the next Julia Child. But fear not, this recipe is fairly easy to nail, even for the most inexperienced bakers out there (possibly because it does not involve baking). I first learned about it from my friend Violeta (yes, the same Violeta with the udon noodle soup) and I thought that with the holidays coming up, you might love it as much as I did. So, prepare for the most decadent #homemadeMonday yet, an Oreo base, chocolate ganache and raspberry tart. With a delicious Lindt chocolate addendum.


2 packs of Oreo cookies (280g of them in total)
50g unsalted butter
250ml heavy whipping cream
2 bars milk chocolate
100g raspberries
Lindt chocolate bars for decoration (optional)


1. Blend the Oreos in a food processor until crumbly. Melt the butter in a small recipient. Mix the melted butter with the crumbs until combined.

2. Transfer the Oreo cookie mixture into a 23cm tart pan (I used a normal pie tray so that will work too) that you smeared with some butter. Spread out the crumbs evenly and press them down firmly to compact them into a firm base. Freeze the tart crust for 15 minutes.

3. Chop up the chocolate bars into chunks.

4. Heat up the cream until really hot and add the small chocolate chunks, letting it sit for 3 minutes, then mix with a spatula until you achieve the smooth texture of a ganache. I know, disappointingly easy, right?

5. Remove the tart from the freezer and pour the ganache onto the tart crust spreading it out evenly.

6. Decorate with the raspberries and Lindt chocolate balls and store in the fridge for at least 3 hours before serving.

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