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Creamy Potato and Leek Soup with Apple Croutons

May 25, 2020

This #homemadeMonday I will be giving you, dear readers, an exclusive peek at my first ever attempt of cooking with leek. Two weeks ago I ordered one of those fruit and veggie baskets in an attempt to avoid the supermarket and consume more greens. One of the things that came with it was a beautiful piece of leek, that I had absolutely no clue what to do with. So I pinterested my way around some leek recipes and found tons of potato and leek soups, that just seemed to be missing something. Or two things in particular. Read on to discover my two secret ingredients for the creamiest soup ever.

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Breakfast Food

Asparagus, Ham and Feta Puff Pastries

May 24, 2020

This #homemadeMonday is for the asparagus lovers in this community. If you love this green veggie but are tired of always frying it, here´s some inspiration for you. Visual taken from the almighty Pinterest and recipe adapted by me, these puff pastries not only look yummy, but they also taste amazingly! Whether they´re for a dinner party you´re throwing, a birthday or a picnic in the park, they are light and delicious. The original recipe was using prosciutto and a different type of cheese. I wanted to substitute the prosciutto with chicken breast ham and the heavy cheese with a light feta, which I always felt is the perfect complement for asparagus. By now you might also have noticed that I don´t usually make my own dough, so I bought it pre-made. This is what came out.

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Dessert Food

Easy Elderberry Pie with Apples and Strawberries

May 16, 2020

Our home has slowly developed an obsession for elderflower, ever since I first took André to Romania and he tried elderflower lemonade. He absolutely loved it and that made me regain a love for it too. Because what´s more magical than having your partner fall in love with your heritage? As such, every time we go to Romania, we end up drinking all the elderflower lemonade we can. And if we find ourselves there in summer, we´ll fill our car trunk with the flower and make our own back in Portugal.

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Food Lunch

Spinach and Broccoli Soup with a Pesto Twist

May 4, 2020

From the series of “ingredients I hate that make astonishing tasty recipes” comes this #homemadeMonday. This recipe actually has two ingredients I hate and a couple that I love. It´s a tasty green soup, half creamy, that is ideal for both cold winter evenings as well as hot summer nights. Without further ado, here goes the spinach and broccoli soup with a pesto twist.

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Food Lunch

The Recipe that Will Make You Love Quinoa

April 27, 2020

Quinoa – one of those newly popular foods that no one knows exactly how to pronounce and half the people sound like pretentious pricks when they say it out loud. It looks good in your brunch, cause it comes in many colours and it´s said to be super healthy. According to Wikipedia, it is richer in protein, dietary fiber, B vitamins, and dietary minerals than other grains, making it some kind of super food. The only problem I have with it is I really don´t like it. That is, until one of our chefs at work cooked us a spin-off of this recipe. It had two things I really hated – quinoa and spinach. And it was de-li-ci-ous! I adapted the recipe slightly, taking out the spinach, adding some spices and changing the measures and out came the recipe that will make you love quinoa. Here goes this #homemadeMonday .

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Portuguese Dinner Food

Cooking Octopus 101

March 30, 2020

Access to fresh sea food is probably one of the main advantages of living in Portugal, especially if you learn how to cook it well or find yourself a partner that is a genius at cooking it for you. Which is pretty much what I did. And so, this #homemadeMonday is about tips and tricks for preparing and cooking octopus.

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